Thrive & Advance

Leadership at Its Best

September 17, 2020 Shohreh R Aftahi, PhD Season 1 Episode 12
Thrive & Advance
Leadership at Its Best
Show Notes

Greg Post is a Servant Leader who has inspired thousands of people to show up every day in the best version of themselves. Greg will share his insight on leadership responsibilities, habits, and rewards. Greg has moved on from Corporate America to an entrepreneur, and he will share the trial and triumphs of his transition. He will share the critical elements and traits in achieving success as an entrepreneur.  


What you will learn:  

  • Distraction can be costly. 
  • Why employee satisfaction matter? 
  • Why executive engagement with employee matters?  
  •  Servant Leadership is not a choice; it is a responsibility.  
  • Developing & managing high-performing teams. 
  • What is a strategy that sticks?  
  • The journey from a corporate mindset to an entrepreneur mindset.